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Hi, I'm Almar Lurie,  Certified Business & Personal Development Coach, and Hypnotherapist

My journey is one of guiding individuals like you on the path to self-discovery, growth, and living a more fulfilling and free-feeling life.  

I’ve spent over 25 years in the business world as an entrepreneur and an amazing life of travel, personal growth and accomplishments.

It's not just about setting goals; it's about rediscovering your true essence, regaining strength, and finding the direction needed to accomplish your heart's deepest wants.

Have you ever felt like you've put certain aspects of your life on hold, only to struggle to pick them up again?  Questioning your worth, your value, and feeling stuck in life?   Struggling with friends, romance, and frustrated with the vicious cycle you always seem to find yourself stuck in?  Feeling like “confidence” is so hard to find and embody?

I'm here to help you pick up those pieces, to navigate the intricacies of life, and to foster a strong connection with yourself, others, and the pursuits that matter most to you.

Working together means embracing a process that leads to self-reconnection and growth.

At your pace, we explore deep into the heart of what's blocking your success, while confronting uncertainties, which will naturally allow yourself to gain greater awareness and enable you to curate the action steps that work for you.

My goal is to help you gain clarity, mindfulness, self-empowerment, and a renewed commitment to pursuing your grandest goals and desires, while helping you live a happier and more fulfilled life.

I believe that within you lies a completeness and resourcefulness, and talents meant to be shared authentically and confidently.

My commitment extends to working with clients on contract sessions lasting 3 to 6 months. Change and growth require time, after all, along with your commitment to do the work.  

For those needing immediate guidance, I'm here as an unbiased friend and sounding board for a one-off personal 60 minute session, where we can quickly dissect your pressing issue, and help bring clarity to the forefront for you to move forward.  

Or, if Hypnotherapy interests you, we can engage in a session targeted towards stress release and focusing on strengthening an area you are struggling with.  This method enables fast change with painless and magical results.

Are you ready to stop all the things you are doing in your life that doesn’t work and start doing what does ?

Entrepreneurs often find immense value in these sessions, especially when the journey feels solitary and stress levels high.

And everyone benefits from the break from the outside world with time dedicated just for you.

Are you ready for the new You, version 2.0?

Let's connect for a free chemistry call and explore how working together can support you.

Schedule A Consultation for Enhanced Coaching

My Vision: To empower, enable transformation and guide you towards self-fulfillment while becoming the CEO of your life.

 My Mission: To make Coaching accessible to every individual to assist in the strengthening of your well-being, authenticity, and inner-compass, fortifying your personal and professional greatness that will ripple through the world, one soul at a time.

What I do.

Guided by my personal values, I am driven by a genuine desire to assist clients in becoming the best versions of themselves.

I facilitate change by helping  get rid of the old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you and have been holding you back.

My approach to coaching, shaped by over 25 years of running and building businesses in the Asia Pacific region. Drawing upon a solid foundation in small business and health and wellness , I incorporate mindfulness practices, guided mediation, visualization, psycho sensory therapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy.

I offer you powerful and spectacularly good , fast, efficient and painless behavioral change through an enhanced coaching experience.

Why Coaching?

If you are like me, I had no idea what a life coach does and why I would even need one.

A life coach is like your personal guide, mixing encouragement and smart planning.

They’re here to help you reach your goals, whether it’s in your job, relationships, or just finding your groove.

But remember, they're not wizards and they are not therapists. They won’t make problems vanish in a snap or take you down the road of the past.  

Instead, they’re great listeners who ask the right questions to help you see your own strengths. They won’t tell you what to do, but they’ll bring positivity, motivation, and a little push to help you do it yourself.  

And so much more.

So, if you’re up for a journey of growth and success, a life coach is your trusty sidekick.

*Coaching is an advice-free zone.*

Working with me.

I work exclusively with you in One to One Sessions, and offer you flexible 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or Special Single Session Packages.  Each month comprises of 3 sessions.  

Whether you aspire to start a healthy lifestyle, conquer a fear, break your compulsions and destructive habits,  start a new life, reduce stress and anxiety, build confidence, enhance your performance, maneuver relationships or launch your own business, my tailored expertise is at your disposal. Here's what to expect:

  1. Enhanced productivity and efficiency: Through personalized 1-on-1 sessions, we'll overcome barriers and develop strategies to boost focus, time management, and overall efficiency.  You become  your optimized self with powerful changes for your mind.  Cleaning out the old programming holding you back and setting you free with boundless optimism.

  2. Sharpened decision-making skills: As your Coach, I'll help you gain clarity and confidence, making bold choices backed by strengths and intuition. This leads to smarter investments and reduced risks.

  3. Accelerated personal growth: With my support, you'll set ambitious yet achievable goals and cultivate a growth-oriented mindset. Increased confidence will drive proactive pursuit of opportunities.

  4. Long-term personal and professional development: This journey nurtures resilience, effective communication, and self-assurance. Beyond financial and personal gains, these qualities empower you to thrive in future endeavors.

    Price List:

1 x 1 hour Session   $150.00

3 x 1 hour Sessions $400.00

6 x 1 hour sessions $775.00

Are you a Small Business Owner?

My Personal Coaching Approach as a Confidence Coach for Small Business Owners: Unleashing Potential and Building Success.

Maximize your potential for success on your new entrepreneurial, venture.

I am passionate about coaching individuals who are facing challenges in building their side businesses, especially those who have struggled with motivation and procrastination and setbacks that happened with big life changes, such as during the pandemic.

My intention is to discover and unblock what has been holding you back while providing the awareness, motivation, and confidence needed to start up again and help establish a solid foundation for launching your business, running that race, or just start your journey back home to you.  

Together, I help you clarify your goals and priorities, develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, and build resilience in the face of setbacks.  

I Provide accountability and support to help you stay focused and motivated. Customized guidance that is specific and realistic.

Let’s begin with a complimentary Discovery call to discuss your goals, find out what your challenges, are and how working with me fits into your want for change.  

Coaching is a partnership and not about giving advice, together we will find our what works best for you.  

When you are ready to gain clarity on how to move forward, and make positive changes in your life, or just curious how coaching will fit into your life, contact me and together, we'll establish a foundation to build upon your best “tomorrow”.

DISCLAIMER: While Almar Lurie strives for accuracy in representing the potential benefits of her sessions, websites, videos, newsletters, and programs, she cannot guarantee specific results or immediate transformations in your physical, mental, psychological, or emotional well-being. Almar does not diagnose or treat any conditions. Almar’s ideas, tools, strategies, and recommendations have shown positive effects for many, but individual outcomes may vary. Almar’s approach is solely for educational purposes. Information provided by Almar is not a replacement for personalized medical advice.  Almar recieved her Life Coaching Certification from the Jay Shetty Life Coaching School and Studied Hypnotherapy with Paul Mckenna via Mindavalley.

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