The Power of Harmony: A Virtual Coaching Program for Conscious Conflict Resolution.

Join me for a weekly personal course focused on skills needed for resolving your conflicts with grace and compassion.
Have you ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of unresolved conflicts? Where conversations seem to go awry despite your best intentions? You're not alone. Many of us struggle with communication, leading to fractured relationships and a sense of isolation.
In my virtual coaching sessions, we'll explore how to navigate difficult conversations with respect and work toward resolutions that foster understanding and peace. Together, we'll discuss:
1. Understanding Conflict:  Here we will discuss some of the root causes of conflicts in our daily lives and learn how to approach them with clarity, empathy, and a different perspective.
2. Embracing Differences: Overcome the fear of differences by cultivating self-awareness and understanding how it shapes our interactions with others.  Here we get curious and patiently try to understand that the root of our intentions are generally the same, but just wrapped differently.
3. Effective Communication: Develop the skills needed to communicate respectfully and openly, especially when discussing vulnerable topics with loved ones.  Here we pick up on words, tone, and inflections, as we are reminded that 7% of the meaning is carried through the words we speak, 38% is carried through tonality and 55% is physiology.
Through personalized coaching, we'll address your unique challenges and explore practical strategies for managing emotions, words, and body language during conflicts. We'll also uncover your hot buttons and practice scenarios to ensure you're prepared for any situation.
Ghosting, a cowardly act prevalent in personal and professional settings, will also be addressed. We'll discuss why it's harmful and explore alternatives that promote understanding and growth.
Together, we can develop more openness, compassion, and positivity in our interactions. It's time to break free from the cycle of conflict and embrace harmony in our relationships.


Your personalized dress rehearsal to work through your

current conflicts, guiding you toward mindful and intelligent


Session Details:
Every Tuesday in April 

Sessions start: April 02, 2024, and end April 30, 2024.
By appointment only.

Attend one or all 4 in April, each session is tailored
for you.

Cost : $25 For 30 minutes of Coaching.

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